A career moving recycling forward

As well as sharing reports and information on the development of UK recycling collections, this website also plots my career in recycling. This started with setting-up a waste paper collection from a Surrey garage in 1981 and eventually moved on to gaining approval for enhanced kerbside recycling alongside three-weekly refuse throughout Somerset in 2016, with much else along the way.

I have sought to do what I can to move recycling forward in the UK and encourage progressive developments, mostly through trials, new service roll-outs, reports or presentations. Over the years, I have been fortunate to be involved in a number of pioneering initiatives, including:

  • The UK’s first modern kerbside collections in Sheffield.
  • The first kerbside sort vehicles with material stillages removed by a forklift with rotator in Bath.
  • The UK’s first large-scale separate food waste collections, which were successfully introduced in Somerset alongside fortnightly refuse.
  • The UK’s first county-wide partnership with a single team of officers reporting to a joint board.

I believe I can take some credit for the design of the kerbside sort collection vehicle and for the separate food waste collections. There were others involved and others doing elements of these before, some of which we were partially copying, but I was centrally involved in developing and rolling-out these then new initiatives. There is more on contributions made in the pages on some history and about me. Further information on the projects are provided in reports, which are available for download or online viewing.

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