Back in the 1980s, there was little recycling of household waste and most collections were undertaken by charities and environmental groups. I first set-up a paper collection in 1981 and supported Friends of the Earth in campaigning for better resource-use and more recycling. After studying environmental sciences at university, I worked for Friends of the Earth, nationally and regionally, and mostly for local authorities (including in Bath and Somerset), as a recycling officer and waste manager from 1989 until 2017, when I took early retirement.

Through this website, I wanted to share some of the reports and work I and others undertook over the years. Some highlights are shown on this home page and details are presented in reports. There is a page with some history summarising key developments over the years and a page with information on my involvement.

The website is intended for enthusiasts and I hope some find it of interest and useful. Further contributions or comments are welcomed. At the end of this post and on all website pages, there are buttons to share on social media and to comment by ‘leaving a reply’. You can also contact me direct.

Dave Mansell – August 2017

Wiveliscombe, Somerset


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  1. The initial text box for this welcome post is shown as an image. In case of use, the text is: THIS website provides some history and thoughts on the development of household recycling services in the UK from the late 1980s to the present day. It covers the early leading role of the community sector and some local authorities, as well as service improvements and changes that have increased how much we recycle.

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