More and better recycling since the 1980s

See some history for information on how kerbside sort recycling collections have developed since the 1980s in the UK.

Over time, more materials have been collected for recycling, more containers provided to householders and vehicle designs have steadily improved. There have also been changes in collection frequency, especially for refuse, as more has been collected for recycling.

Pioneers in Bath

During the 1990s, I worked as Bath’s first Recycling Officer. The then city council had a great partnership with Avon Friends of the Earth and was willing to be a leader in developing new recycling services.

We made rapid progress in establishing recycling systems for the city, including green box kerbside collections and mini-recycling centres for flats. The council also led on other initiatives, such as buying recycled and supplying thousands of home composting bins.

The photo above shows Andy Cunningham (on right) from Avon FoE and me at the launch of our new design for a kerbside sort collection vehicle with separate material stillages, which were unloaded by a forklift truck with rotator.

City of Bath Recycling 2
Early green box collection vehicle in Bath.

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