Below are older reports for which I was a contributor or author before joining Somerset Waste Partnership in 2003. The earliest goes back to 1987, when I was a postgraduate student researching community recycling schemes. These reports cover early kerbside collections in the UK, early collections for food and garden waste and the first authorities to find the benefits of collecting refuse less frequently. Also covered is analysis of householder participation and consideration of how to further improve recycling in future.

2003/04 – Recycling Participation Factors

Short report (PDF, 172KB) on earlier studies of factors related to variations in recycling participation and how it could be increased – published in August 2004 in The Loop (LARAC Magazine).

Influences on Recycling Performance – report (PDF, 160 KB) published in May 2003 in Materials Recycling Week.

2002 – Maximising Recycling Rates: Tackling Residuals

Report commissioned by the Community Recycling Network for Friends of the Earth with funding from Biffaward. It includes:

• Assessment of good practice recycling collections in 2002 and the potential to extend their performance through improving service delivery, promotion and new policies.

• Analysis of how recycling yields were related to deprivation scores at the time and showing that a recycling rate of 62% for household waste could be achieved in England given the right level of support.

• Reference to the performance and key policies adopted in other countries.

• A life-cycle impact assessment of several residual waste options.

Summary report (PDF, 586 KB)      Full report (PDF, 2.2 MB)

2001/03 – Food and garden waste collections

Avon Friends of the Earth project funded by Sita Environmental Trust and working with Bath & North East Somerset Council.

• Phase 1 (2001) Report (PDF, 569 KB) – Case studies, which include Bexley, Castle Morpeth, Daventry, Dundee, Forest Heath, Kirklees, Lichfield, St Edmundsbury, Taunton Deane, Wealden and Wye; and analysis and proposals for trials in B&NES.

• Phase 2 (2003) Report (PDF, 635 KB) – Results for food and garden waste collection trials in Bath & North East Somerset.

2001 – Bristol Recycling Participation Study

Project commissioned by The Recycling Consortium, with:

• Results of participation monitoring, waste composition, focus groups, analysis by Council Tax bands and a survey on recycling in Bristol.

• Literature review and recommendations for interventions to increase recycling participation.

Full report (PDF, 4 MB)

2000 – Integrated recycling and refuse collections

Report (PDF, 385 KB) on MEL Research seminars with case studies and performance comparisons between then innovative collection methods, such as fortnightly refuse, and Beacon waste services – including B&NES, Bedfordshire, Bexley, Castle Morpeth, Eastleigh, Hart, Hampshire, Hounslow, St Edmundsbury, Sutton and Wealden.

1994/99 – Bath’s green box recycling collections

• Development of Bath’s green box system – Report (PDF, 7 MB) in Municipal Engineer, 1995.

• Future plans and extending the service to North East Somerset following local government reorganisation – Report (PDF, 3 MB) in Materials Recycling Week, 1999.

1992 – Recycling Plan for Bath

Approved statutory recycling plan for Bath, which includes:

• Review of services then provided in the city, which achieved a 9% recycling rate (three times the then national average).

• Analysis of future options with review of collections in Adur, Arun, Bury, Cardiff, Dundee, Guildford, Kensington, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Sheffield, Sutton, Swansea, Test Valley, Westminster and Wye.

• Proposed service developments in Bath, including pilot studies to test improvements to the then monthly recycling collections provided with Avon Friends of the Earth.

Full report: compressed (PDF, 9 MB) or uncompressed (PDF, 68 MB)

1990 – Recycling City: A Partnership for the Future

UK 2OOO Recycling City was a Friends of the Earth initiative developed by a partnership involving reclamation and manufacturing industries, local authorities, the voluntary sector and central government. It launched two of the UK’s first modern kerbside collection schemes in Sheffield and Cardiff.

Full report (PDF, 9 MB)

1987 – A Waste Recovery Project for Cambridge

• Case studies on early bring bank collections in Leeds and Richmond upon Thames.

• Case studies on early kerbside collections set-up by the community sector including in Bath, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Eastbourne, London, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Stafford and Teesside.

• Markets for waste materials at the time and operational advice on setting up kerbside collections in Cambridge.

Full report: compressed (PDF, 23 MB) or uncompressed (PDF, 96 MB)

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