Reports to which I contributed are available on linked pages for two periods from 1987-2003 and from 2003-17. Also available are reports produced by others, which are no longer readily available and add information on the development of recycling services. The reports available are outlined below and can be viewed online or downloaded.

Reports from 2003-17 cover my time working at Somerset Waste Partnership and include:

  • Recycle More collections with three-weekly refuse.
  • Plastic film collection trial.
  • Sort It Plus adding bulky plastic bottles and cardboard to kerbside sort collections.
  • Sort It collections with fortnightly refuse and new food waste collections (first large-scale food waste service in the UK).

Reports from 1987-2003 cover my time working as a consultant and for Avon Friends of the Earth, Bath & North East Somerset Council, Bath City Council and Friends of the Earth, and research as a post-graduate student. These include:

  • Maximising recycling rates and tackling residuals.
  • Composting collections in the late 1990s and early 2000s including for food waste.
  • Integrated collections including fortnightly refuse and alternating recycling.
  • Bath green box service (first kerbside sort with stillages).
  • Bath recycling trials (won first national recycling award).
  • Recycling City partnership (first modern kerbside collections in UK).
  • Community sector recycling collections in the 1980s.

Reports by others include:

  • Warren Spring Laboratory report from 1993 on source separation schemes.
  • The history of recycling in Milton Keynes.
  • Audit Commission handbook on good practice in 1997.
  • The development of recycling services in Daventry to 2000/01.
  • Friends of the Earth report in 2004 on future recycling targets.
  • House of Commons Library report on weekly and fortnightly refuse collections in 2011.