Less frequent refuse collection boosts recycling

A growing number of local authorities are changing their refuse collections to every three or four weeks to boost recycling and to reduce disposal costs. There were 15 adopters at my last count with more planning to follow.

Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) started to consider this in 2013 and undertook trials to test ways of diverting more waste to recycling in 2014. The most effective service package for us involved enhanced weekly recycling and picking up refuse every three weeks. Once experienced through the trial, most residents were happy with this service due to the extra recycling, with 86% preferring it to previous collection arrangements.

After consultation with partners and long-running negotiations with SWP’s collection contractor, a decision to adopt new Recycle More collections with 3-weekly refuse was taken by Somerset Waste Board in December 2016.

Further information on current adopters and our trials, options appraisal and new service plans are given under Recycle More on the reports 2003-17 page.

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